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Similar to a prenuptial agreement, a post nuptial agreement enables a couple to protect separate assets they may have accumulated over the course of their marriage. Many couples who opt for post nuptial agreements have accumulated a considerable amount of wealth or property over the duration of their marriages that they wish to protect.

Before deciding to enter into a post nuptial agreement, there are several things which should be discussed between the couple. An open discussion about the following will help you better prepare to speak with your attorney about a post nuptial agreement.

You and your spouse take the following steps in creating a post nuptial agreement:

Discuss all of your separate & mutual assets and debts.
Discuss the current financial status of your relationship including spending habits, roles and responsibilities and any concerns you have over money matters.
Be open and honest about your assumptions and expectations of how property would be handled in the case of death or divorce.
Revisit the contract periodically, especially if your lifestyle or financial status changes drastically.
If you are already married but are interested in taking steps to protect your financial future and the future of your children, you should speak with a Los Angeles family lawyer about creating a post nuptial agreement.

Protect Your Finances with a Nuptial Agreement

At Armando Villegas & Associates, our skilled attorneys have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you and your spouse draft and implement a post nuptial agreement. Avoiding confusion during this phase will ensure that things will progress smoother and more efficiently in the future should the post nuptial agreement ever need to be re-visited. Our seasoned attorneys can guide you through the process to create a secure and beneficial agreement that helps protect both of your individual assets.