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Attorney Armando Villegas is a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney in Whittier, California. Armando has primarily practiced in the area of divorce and family law for over 17 years. Armando is the managing partner of Armando Villegas & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation. Armando’s practice includes, but is not limited to, complex divorce litigation, child custody matters, child support matters with the Department of Child Support Services, paternity (non-marital cases) matters and restraining orders. Armando has honed his trial and advocacy skills by representing clients in Immigration and criminal court, as well as in the family court. This diverse background and skill has prepared Armando to face any challenge in the courtroom. Armando’s trial experience and education Prior to obtaining his law degree, Armando earned an accounting degree from the prestigious business school at the University of San Diego. This financial expertise and experience is extremely beneficial to one involved in divorce litigation. As many issues litigated have financial consequences, Armando is able to navigate his client through the implications for a beneficial result and understanding.
Armando’s daily court experience serves his clients well. Armando’s experience assists his client in understanding each Judge’s personal belief in various issues involved in the divorce litigation. Armando is a highly respected advocate by his peers and judges in the Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County Family law Courts. In the 17 years of practice, Armando has respectfully and professionally represented thousands of clients to achieve positive results in their legal matters. Moreover, Armando has also served the Latino community. Armando is one of the most respected Spanish speaking Latino lawyers in the Southern California area. It is extremely beneficial for a client to be able to speak with Armando personally in their native Spanish language. This serves the client well in communicating his personal wishes on how to resolve his legal matter. Furthermore, the client is able to feel comfortable with his understanding of the proceedings and the documents being filed by the attorneys in their case.


Martha Villegas was born in Zamora Michoacán Mexico. In 1976, Mrs. Villegas immigrated to the United States and grew up in East Los Angeles, California with her parents and seven siblings. Mrs. Villegas graduated from North Hollywood High School and was a proud student of the Science and Biology Magnet program. Mrs. Villegas was inspired to assist immigrants at an early age. The struggle and journey her parents endured as immigrants in the United States were a struggle, but lead to a new beginning. Her parents always instilled respect and honor for this country. She was told by her parents, you need to get an education and represent our family with honor and dignity. Mrs. Villegas clearly remembers her mother telling her, your education, respect and dignity are never for sale and cannot be taken away from you once it is earned. Mrs. Villegas continues to live her life and manage the legal office with her mother’s inspirational words of dignity and respect.
Mrs. Villegas, after graduating from high school, attended California State University of Stanislaus. She graduated from said prestigious institution with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Political Science and minor in Biology. While attending college she became an active member of the Mecha movement and assisted the local farmworkers with their immigration issues. This experience inspired her to attend law school. Thereafter, Mrs. Villegas was accepted to attend Glendale College of Law and obtained her Juris Doctorate Law degree in 1997. Mrs. Villegas has focused her area of knowledge and expertise in the area of immigration. In order to further her knowledge, Mrs. Villegas is constantly attending countless immigration seminars throughout the United States. Moreover, Mrs. Villegas is a proud member and supporter of Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) and Mexican American Bar Association (MABA). Furthermore, Mrs. Villegas has prepared numerous victorious LEGAL briefs, motions, Appeals and Waivers on behalf of the Law Office of Armando Villegas and Associates, for over seventeen years.


Armando Villegas & Associates, APLC takes a unique approach to the practice of family law. As mediators in Los Angeles County, we understand often the best method to resolve highly emotional family law cases is through cooperation and collaborative strategies which lead to settlement. This approach reduces the stress involved in family law cases and minimizes the cost and time for the parties. Our philosophy is to educate the parties in the area of family law, explain their rights and obligations and steer the case towards a fair and just settlement. In the event settlement is not realistic, we are prepared to utilize our trial skills to aggressively and successfully represent our client’s best interest in court.
In this day and age, the immigration process can be confusing and complex, which is why we as attorneys are devoted to keeping up with changes in the law. We focus on immigration law, and because of that, we are very good at what we do. We have helped hundreds of immigrants through the process and handled a wide range of cases, including helping those looking to temporarily come to the U.S., assisting families seeking permanent residency, and standing up for immigrants who need deportation defense. We always work hard to ensure that every client is very well taken care of. We prioritize personal service with an uplifting and positive attitude to help our clients through what may otherwise be a stressful situation. We’ll take your legal burden on our shoulders and will not stop until the case is done.
If you are looking for an experienced, aggressive criminal defense firm to take your case, look no further than the team of Armando Villegas and Associates . We cover a variety of cases and will be happy to discuss yours during a free initial consultation, where you will be able to speak with an lawyer about your arrest, your charges, and the specifics facts about your case. In addition, you will be able to learn how we have helped others in similar situations like your own, how we can help you, and what the best next steps are in order to build a strong defense.