Modification of Custody and Support Orders

Child Custody

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There are often different considerations in connection with modifying temporary (pre Judgment) or permanent (post Judgment) orders.

Child custody and visitation orders are generally modifiable throughout the child’s minority whenever the Court finds a modification is in the child’s best interests. Each case is fact specific.

What Situations May Allow for Modifications?

As a general rule, people must prove that a significant change in circumstances has occurred that warrants amending an existing court-order. This might include a sudden injury, a death in the family, an unexpected job loss, a remarriage, or a medical condition that makes it difficult to work or care for children.

Other situations that may warrant a modification of a judgement are below:

A significant increase or decrease in either party's income
A job loss, job change or other event
A parent's desire or need to relocate
A major change in the costs of caring for children, prompted by a medical problem or other event
Post judgment modifications can become necessary when a person's circumstances change so much that it makes it difficult to adhere to the terms of an original agreement or settlement. Sometimes loss of employment or a serious illness can prevent a person from working and making money, which can make it difficult or even impossible to keep paying the current amount of child support which was arranged when you were bringing in considerable amounts of income. In situations like these, your attorney will help prove the necessity of the modification so that your agreement can be changed to accommodate your current situation.

Another reason why a post judgment action may become necessary is if one party does not adhere to the original divorce agreement. In cases involving property division, one or sometimes both parties will neglect to follow the plan, which could mean that one person sells or gives away an item without dividing the proceeds equally with the other person. In these situations, a Los Angeles divorce lawyer can take the necessary legal actions to remedy the situation through a post judgment action.