Provisional Waiver For Unlawful Presence Waiver I-601A and I-601

If you have remained in the United States longer than you were supposed to, and are currently the spouse, parent or child of a U.S. citizen, you may be eligible to apply for your green card without having to endure a long separation from your family.

Currently the provisional waiver program authorized certain families remain together in the U.S. while United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reviews and decides upon an application for a waiver I-601A, for unlawful presence in the United States an immigration violation.

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We Can Help You Stay In The U.S. While USCIS Makes A Decision On Your Waiver Application

People attempting to obtain an immigrant visa through a consulate may not be admitted to the United States if they have violated U.S. immigration law in the past. The violations may keep them from being allowed to enter the United States as a temporary visitor or as a permanent resident. Violations may be a previous deportation, certain criminal convictions and other immigration violations. However, the provisional waiver program will only help people who have accrued unlawful presence and do not have any other kind of immigration violation.

Our experienced consular processing attorneys and waiver lawyers in Los Angeles will explain the concept of unlawful presence and whether it affects you. If you are not eligible for a green card because you have accrued unlawful presence, we will assist you in documenting a strong waiver application.

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