There are several ways a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident may petition for certain family members to receive a green card, a fiancée visa or a K-3/K-4 Visa based on your relationship.

Types Of Family Petitions

Family Petitions:

  • Spouse-spouse
  • Parent-child
  • Child-parent
  • Sibling-sibling
  • Widower
  • VAWA petitions for abused spouses of U.S. citizens and permanent residents
  • U-visas victims of a violent crime

The type of relationship between you and your relative and your status in the U.S., will determine the course of action and the length of time the immigration process will take.

If you are a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident immigrant from another country seeking to bring a family member to the United States, the office of Armando Villegas and Associates provides strong legal representation. Our office represents clients throughout the country and the world. Contact our office for a free consultation at 323-888-1850 or email us to learn more.

Our office has experience with other serious issues involving family petitions. Additional issues also become part of the family petition, such as whether the spouses were legally free to marry, whether the petitioning parent supported and had a relationship with the child during his or her formative years, and if a petitioner has died, can another family member replace them in the petition.  We can also assist with filings of widowers, battered spouses and children, and special immigrant juveniles/orphans who are wards of the state.

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U.S. military

Parole in Place

If you or a member of your family is in the U.S. military, special conditions may apply. 

Adjustment Of Status

If you are the beneficiary of an approved immigrant visa petition, either through your labor certification or through a family member, and your priority date is current, your next step is to apply for your green card.

There are two ways to apply for your green card:

1. If reside in the United States is called “adjustment of status.” There are a couple of considerations before doing so.

  • If you, the beneficiary, are already in the United States, in most cases you can apply for your permanent resident status without having to leave.
  • However, your entry into the United States must have being legal or If not must be were protected by section 245(i).

What happens if you have a Criminal History?

  • Armando Villegas and Associates will thoroughly review your criminal and immigration history to make certain you qualify to adjust your status to that of a permanent resident while in the United States.

2. If you are not in the United States, you will need to apply for your green card through a U.S. Consulate in your home country. This is known as “consular processing.”

  • Certain people who have approved petitions may not be able to file for adjustment of status immediately after the visa petition is approved, unless there is a visa available in their specific categories.
  • The U.S. Department of State each month shows whether a visa will be available in each category when it makes its Visa Bulletin available every month.

Who can obtain an Immediate Green Card?

  • If you are the spouse, parent or unmarried child under 21 of a U.S. citizen, you are not subject to the waiting times or the categories in the Visa Bulletin. You are considered to be an “immediate relative.” Immediate relatives can file for their green cards as soon as the visa petition is approved.

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